Dr. Anna-Christin Joel


Arbeitsgebiete: Cribellate Spinnen

Neueste Publikationen

Joel, A.-C., Habedank, A. & Mey, J. 2017 Vibratory movements in contests between females of the feather-legged spider Uloborus plumipes. Zoology, 125, 87-93

Bott, R. A., Baumgartner, W., Bräunig, P., Menzel, F. & Joel, A.-C. 2017. Adhesion enhancement of cribellate capture threads by epicuticular waxes of the insect prey sheds new light on spider web evolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 284 (1855)

Joel, A.-C. & Baumgartner, W. 2017. Nanofibre production in spiders without electric charge. Journal of Experimental Biology, 220 (12), 2243-2249

Joel, A.-C., Habedank, A., Hausen, J. & Mey, J. 2017. Fighting for the web: competition between female feather-legged spiders (Uloborus plumipes). Zoology (Jena), 121, 10-17.

Joel, A.-C., Scholz, I., Orth, L., Kappel, P. & Baumgartner, W. 2016. Morphological adaptation of the calamistrum to the cribellate spinning process in Deinopoidae (Uloboridae, Deinopidae). Royal Society Open Science, 3.

Joel, A.-C., Kappel, P., Adamova, H., Baumgartner, W. & Scholz, I. 2015. Cribellate thread production in spiders: Complex processing of nano-fibres into a functional capture thread. Arthropod Structure & Development, 44, 568-573.