Teaching for first and second year students includes lectures and lab courses in animal morphology” (Bau der Organismen 1) and cell biology (Biologie der Zelle). We participate in various seminars within the department and a special lecture course for students of mathematics and computer science (Biologie für Informatiker und Mathematiker). For master students, several aspects of animal development are taught within the scope of a lecture course (Entwicklungsbiologie der Tiere), lab courses in developmental biology, (Praktikum Entwicklungsbiologie 1 und 2) and a seminar dealing with actual topics of cellular and developmental biology (Aktuelle Themen der Zell- und Entwicklungsbiologie). These topics are also addressed in a special lab course for trainee teachers. We also participate in a lab course in neurobiology (Biologische Informationsverarbeitung/Neurobiologie).

More information regarding lectures and lab courses can be found at the CAMPUS system.