Dr. Katharina Walczuch

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Topics: Biohybrid Networks

Newest Publications

  • Krumpholz, Katharina; Rogal, Julia; El Hasni, Akram; Schnakenberg, Uwe; Bräunig, Peter; Bui-Göbbels, Katrin 


    Agarose-Based Substrate Modification Technique for Chemical and Physical Guiding of Neurons In Vitro

    ACS applied materials & interfaces 7, 18769-18777

  • Bräunig, Peter-Michael; Krumpholz, Katharina 


    Internal receptors in insect appendages project directly into a special brain neuropile

    Frontiers in zoology 10, 54

  • Bräunig, Peter-Michael; Krumpholz, Katharina; Baumgartner, Werner 


    Sensory pits – Enigmatic sense organs of the nymphs of the planthopper Issus coleoptratus (Auchenorrhyncha, Fulgoromorpha)

    Arthropod structure & development 41, 443-458