Dr. Katrin Bui-Göbbels


Arbeitsgebiete: Biohybride Netzwerke, Entwicklung des ZNS

Neueste Publikationen

Walczuch, Katharina, Renze, Peter, Ingensiep, Claudia, Degen, Rudolf, Bui, Thanh Phong, Schnakenberg, Uwe, Bräunig Peter & Bui-Göbbels, Katrin (2017) A new microfluidic device design for a defined positioning of neurons in vitro. Biomicrofluidics, 11, 044103-01-16

  • Bui-Göbbels, Katrin; Mey, Jörg; Medinaceli Quintela, Renata; Bräunig, Peter 


    Is retinoic acid a signal for nerve regeneration in insects?

    Neural regeneration research : NRR 10, 901-903

  • Krumpholz, Katharina; Rogal, Julia; El Hasni, Akram; Schnakenberg, Uwe; Bräunig, Peter; Bui-Göbbels, Katrin 


    Agarose-Based Substrate Modification Technique for Chemical and Physical Guiding of Neurons In Vitro

    ACS applied materials & interfaces 7, 18769-18777

  • Sukiban, Jeyathevy; Bräunig, Peter-Michael; Mey, Jörg; Bui-Göbbels, Katrin 


    Retinoic acid as a survival factor in neuronal development of the grasshopper, Locusta migratoria

    Cell & tissue research 358, 303-312

  • Göbbels, Katrin; Thiebes, Anja Lena; van Ooyen, André; Schnakenberg, Uwe; Bräunig, Peter-Michael 


    Low density cell culture of locust neurons in closed-channel microfluidic devices

    Journal of insect physiology 2010, 1003-1009

  • Göbbels, Katrin; Künzel, Thomas; van Ooyen, André; Baumgartner, Werner; Schnakenberg, Uwe; Bräunig, Peter-Michael 


    Neuronal cell growth on iridium oxide

    Biomaterials 31, 1055 -1067